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Ok, what’s so special about Somerset? On the face of it many parts of the country have as much to see and do. And maybe they have. But this is what’s so special about Somerset.

It’s the contrasts - contained within such a relatively small area. Even within our immediate neighbourhood, you can wonder at the medieval ingenuity that resulted in Wells Cathedral, and half an hour later stand mesmerised at the starlings’ ballet of a ‘murmuration’

You can lose your shirt (and win it back) as the horses thunder over jumps at Wincanton – and celebrate with our a la carte, after the horses.

You can get your heart pumping climbing the Tor, then contemplate your place in the universe as you gaze at the ancient view over the Levels. As so many have before you.

Become a little more adventurous and within about 30 miles you have two coasts, Bath, a wealth of National Trust houses and landscape, the only Cider Brandy distillery in England and the shopping phenomenon that is Clark’s Village. Our position in Somerset means we include chunks of Dorset and Wiltshire in our purview, but you won’t need a passport and the natives are friendly.

Some of our favourites are shown in this section. They make great excuses to stay at The Pilgrims.

  • Lyme Regis

    34 miles

    We love Lyme and when we get a day off have been known to treat ourselves to a stroll along The Cob, up the hill of a high street, through the park and a late lunch at Mark Hix’s restaurant.
    Visit Lyme Regis
  • Cadbury Castle

    7 miles

    One of the front-runners as the site of King Arthur’s Camelot, Cadbury Castle is a Bronze and Iron age hill fort that is visible for miles around. There is only one track up to the earthwork ramparts and plateau at the top, and it can be slippery after rain or when following the cows who graze there. But it’s well worth the effort as the views are wonderful and the place itself has a mysterious quality – it just feels really ancient.
  • Frome

    18 miles

    An interesting and ‘buzzy’ town with lots of little shops and cafes..
    Visit Frome
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