The Ultimate Sunday Lunch happens at The Pilgrims on the Ultimate Sunday of every month in 2017 – and Bank holidays


29 January

26 February

26 March - Mothering Sunday

16 April - Easter Day

30 April - Bank Holiday

28 May - Bank Holiday

25 June

30 July

27 August – Bank Holiday

24 September

29 October

26 November

The menu comprises a selection from our a la carte plus Jools’ Roast Sirloin of Prime Local Beef

Sunday Lunch is a special meal in many countries, and roast beef such an English institution that the French call us les rosbifs.

Our butcher, Jon Thorner, selects a prime local sirloin (the best roasting joint on the animal) and Jools spends an hour prepping it. Trimming sinew etc, (20% of the weight) which affects the way the joint cooks and how tender it will finally be.

Maris Piper potatoes are steamed then roasted in duck fat. Local eggs are used in the Yorkshire Puddings with organic flour and sea salt, and ‘proper gravy’ means starting with a stock that is made over 3 days from roasted bones and vegetables.

Fresh horseradish is grated into Olive Farm’s crème fraiche and fresh organic vegetables are cooked to order.

We doubt that a better Roast Beef Sunday Lunch is available anywhere in the country.

£18 or £15 for smaller appetites


0800 999 5 666 or 01963 240597