The Pilgrims Presents (drum roll)… (crash of cymbals)

So the new website is up and running, with just the last few pages to fill it out over the coming weeks. Though I have a feeling that it is always going to be a work in progress – evolution will occur and the site has been designed to accommodate this.

I’d like to thank Dann Stephens at Cream Graphics for the concept and design and for keeping the lamp of creative integrity burning even when I got mired in a sea of confusion – frequently. He must play three dimensional chess, blindfold, just to relax.

And while we are at it - I’d like to thank Somerset. Putting together the site made us think objectively about what The Pilgrims has become in the nearly twenty years we have been here – and to realise that a lot of what it is - is because of where it is. And a lot of why guests should, and do, spend some time here is because here is, well, here. Sure Sally and I play our part in it, exert our will, worry, graft, think of it as a way of life. But if we were doing all that somewhere else it would be different, and I think for different, read somehow less.

Anyhow, enough of the navel gazing. Thank you Somerset. I hope that we show the county (and the bits of Dorset and Wiltshire that constitute The Neighbourhood) in a light that is worthy.

And while we are still at it, a big part of what makes Somerset special for us is our suppliers and we would like to thank them too.

Well it doesn’t look as if I’m going to be moonlighting as an Oscar acceptance speech writer in the immediate future so I just have one more vote of thanks and I’m off to bed (not even Midnight! Yessss!) We would like to thank our guests, past present and hopefully future, for putting their money where our mouth is, believing in us and (we hope) having a good time into the bargain. Thanks and see you soon. Night night.